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Subject: Worried about my son


I am Padma and I live in California. My son who is 8 years old has been told last week that he has to put glasses as his vision is 20/40. They have prescribed him -1.00 lens. My husband is 41 years and has perfect vision. I have myopia and got them when I was 20 years. The doctor thinks it is in my son's genes to get it. But I do not agree with him. Genes or no genes, I want my son to have very good vision since he dreams to become a pilot.

I have extensively searched the web in the last two days and am surprised (and confused) about the theory of plus lens for myopia. I am desperate not to put on the glasses for my son as I know that once he puts them on he is going to live with them for ever. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

Meanwhile, I am trying to improve his diet by including carrots, almonds and eggs on a daily basis.

I am eagerly waiting for your reply and advice.

Desperate and worried mother




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Dear Padma,
One thing I do recommend.
Do not do ANYTHING for at least two to four weeks.  Your son is at no risk at all.
You should research everything you can find.  Do not attempt anything until you feel you are "on the right track".
I would love to send you to Steve Leung OD who would help you with this work -- since he his helping his own children in ths manner -- but he is in Hong Kong.
His site is:
Spend a great time thinking about this issue -- before acting.
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Subject: RE: Worried about my son

Dear  Otis
Thank you for your prompt response. I understand that the 'plus lens' concept requires constant and consistent efforts which is a little difficult for an 8 year old. But I also do not want my son get hooked on to glasses. I will surely keep your advice in mind and will visit the chinamyopia website.
Looking forward to your advice anytime in this regard.
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Dear Padma,

Subject:  Prescription Practices -- Under-Prescription and
   Over-Prescription Policies
I believe that we "the pubic" must learn to take
the "next step" towards true prevention.
This can only be done if "we" learn to accept
an optometrist who will prescribe a "plus" when
we are on the "threshold".  Steve Leung will do it -- because
he his helping his own child in that manner.
Here is some background information.   I believe
that the ODs are driven to "react" to us -- after
we get into it.  They are never permitted to
agressively use the plus when we are on 
the threshold -- and that is OUR FAULT.

     Eye-doctors are trained to deal with a great mass of people
entering a shop.  This is the way it has been for the last 400

     In some ways, you can argue that the general public will
NEVER understand anything other that the instant-sharpness
produced by a minus lens.  Most ODs and MDs know it and therefore
attempt to keep the strength of the minus lens to a minimum.

     The ODs are never trained to cultivate your intelligence or,
more importantly, your motivation on the subject of

     For me, it necessarily must be your motivation and
intelligence that resolves this issue for you.

     Remarks on ODs:

1.  Very few in medicine talk to a person about prevention --
    because they know the person will not take prevention
    seriously. For that reason, they never engage you in this
    type of "intellectual" choice.  I obviously wish they could.

2.  Under-Prescription:  All know "something" about the bad effect
    of the minus lens -- but they do not know how to express
    their concerns.  So what they do is to "not-prescribe" the
    minus lens if they can possibly do so.  However, if the child
    is at 20/70, they then have no choice and so they use the
    weakest lens possible to bring the distant vision up to
    20/40.  These are "under-prescribers."

3.  Over-Prescription: The "over-prescribes" are not cautious.
    They will take a child that PASSES the room wall-chart, at
    20/40 put him in a darkened room, and have him reading
    through the small lenses of a "phoropter".  They also
    prescribe to "Best Visual Acuity".  By that I mean the "crank
    up" on the minus lens, and will produce 20/18, 20/15 and even
    20/12 -- because they like the "impression" this has on the
    child and parent.  Thus a child that has 20/40 winds up with
    a -2 to -3 diopter lens, when strictly speaking -- he does
    not "need" it.  That is the major reason why I say you MUST
    check your own vision.

4.  No one in optometry or ophthalmology has ever been able to get
    beyond this simplistic method set up a 400 years ago.

5.  The "box-camera" theory, and "words" like "emmetropia" and
    "ametropia" simply reflect this concept and practice --
    because they grew out of this simplistic practice.

6.  As a practical matter, I realize (as Dr.  Raphaelson stated)
    that the ODs have no choice in the matter -- other than the
    above.  I attempt in every way possible to use NEUTRAL words
    to describe the behavior of the natural eye -- to avoid the
    obvious "combat" and "anger" that develops.  But obviously I
    can not avoid the hubris that develops regardless of my

7.  I hold no "grudge" against any OD.  I only hope that a better
    method of working towards true-prevention can be developed.
    When I offer my hand in friendship on sci.med.vision, you see
    what the reaction is.  I do not see how I could ever work
    with the "mind-set" of people like Mike Tyner.  The mind-set
    is truly blind.  Equally, I could work with a man like Mr.
    Steve Leung at an Aeronautical College, were a more rational
    and respectful method could be developed for true-prevention.

     As an engineer, I can never deal with a great mass of people
entering a shop.  I can only deal only with other engineers and
scientists who can form deeper judgments and take responsibility
for this difficult but honest preventive work.

     Thus there are two "professions" involved.  The profession of
facts and science -- and the profession of dealing with a great
mass of people, were a "quick-fix" is the only solution.

     I am pleased you have chosen the "high road" in working
towards a better solution for yourself and your child.




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Subject:  Worried Mother
Worried Mother

Hi Dr. Leung

I am Padma and I live in California, USA. My son is 8 years old and has been examined last week when the docotor said that his vision is 20/40 and he will need -1.00 lens. I am really worried and do not want him to start wearing glasses at this age. My husband has no vision problems. I had nearsighteness when I was 20 years old and I am wearing glasses since then. I was looking at the internet for alternate choices and came across your website. It is very encouraging. Please advice me as to what I should do for my son. Should I start putting the plus lens for him. What should be the power of his lens. Should he use it while writing and reading or can he use it for viewing television .

Please I look forward to your reply and advice.

Thank you once again for such a good website


Dear Pamda,
> Thanks for inquiry.
> We don't call Dr. for optometrist, simply Mr. is good enough in HK.
> 20/40 vision is not so bad, I knew it is the minium legal requirement
> for driving in the States.  That means no desperate need for minus lens.
> Remember, the earlier age put on minus glasses, the faster naked eye vision
> deteriorates.  I hope your son hasn't been given the minus glasses. However,
> the eye will only get worse once it started myopia if nothing is implemented for prevention. 
> Distance of near work is critical for the development of myopia. The
> closer range of near-work, the greater value of accommodation exerts
> by an eye. Accommodation == 100/distance  (cm).
> The idea of plus lens is to reduce the burden of accommodation by an eye in
> prolong near work. Its major goal is for prevention from getting worse. 
> You should consider the use of plus for his long term visual welfare
> in serious.
> For the power of plus lens, you have to consider his habitual reading
> distance and take the above equation for calculation.
> The more he can tolerate, the more he will be paid off in the long run.
> Patience is a must!
> He has to put on the PLUS whenever it is possible especial for everything up
>  close.
> I hope once you grasp the underlie principle of plus lens, don't let
> your  child be one of the myopic folk. And spread out the message of myopia
> prevention as far as you can. 
> Steve H Leung
> optometrist
> cc Otis


Padma Eyyunni writes:

> Dear Mr. Leung
> Thank you for your prompt reply. I will surely work on your advice. I
> have one more question. Should my son take out the plus lens everytime
> he looks at the chalkboard in the class room or when he is looking at
> something far away. What happens if he has the plus lens when he is
> watchng far away things? Is it going to harm his eyes or just that he
> will not be seeing distance things clearly when using a plus lens.
> Thank you
> Padma


Dear Padma Eyyunni

This is Optometrist Mr Steve H. Leung's Reply:

Q1.Should my son take out the plus lens everytime he looks at the chalkboard
in the class room or when he is looking at something far
(For stronger and faster effectiveness of PLUS, you can consider the above
action. That means your son's eyes are subject to extended period of 
relaxation for better outcome

Q2.What happens if he has the plus lens when he is watchng far away things?

 (Simply he cannot see clear through the glasses -- fogging.)

Q3.Is it going to harm his eyes or just that he will not be seeing distance things clearly when using a plus lens.

(NO. Unless he is wearing the glasses for outdoor fast moving activities, I

don't see any harmful effect of the glasses.)

By the way, we will posted those Question and answer in our website.

Webmaster of Chinamyopia.org
2004.9.11 Hong Kong , SAR, CHINA


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